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SAP workshop courses

There is a great demand for SAP professionals all over the world and for the management professionals it is extremely important to be well versed in SAP to ensure career advancement. Either way, if you want to gain expertise in SAP, you will have to be trained in the subject with hands on practicing sessions that is essential for better understanding. If you are located in Bangalore, then you can enroll with Itech Solutions, a premier SAP training institute in Bangalore where you get to learn the nuances of the most popular ERP software used for business.

Traits of a good training course

How would you choose the training course that is appropriate for you? Here are some traits of the training module that you should consider before joining.

  • The introduction to the course is very important because it lays the foundation for learning and facilitates better understanding of the topic by the participant. There should be a good introduction to the course. It gives an insight about the course architecture and how it will be laid out.
  • Although the training courses are designed according to some specific core areas, there should be information available to the participants to gain overall knowledge about SAP. Some basic facts and figures about SAP should be understood before diving deep into the core training module.
  • There should be some exposure to the history of SAP as it is necessary to understand the present in a better way. The present bears more significance when studied in the backdrop of history.
  • When venturing into the SAP functionality training, the participants should be taught various techniques and should become conversant with it before starting practical work.
  • SAP reporting, which is one of the key functions of the system should be taught extensively so that participants get a good grip of this important feature.

SAP certification courses

SAP training courses are also available online and many of them are free. This gives good opportunity for the learners. But the problem is that not all of these courses are worth being recommended. However, courses that offer certification can be considered to be good. However, it is always better to learn in a class room environment for which you can look for SAP courses in Bangalore. There are three certification levels � basic, professional and master that are available from SAP.

The levels explained

The levels of certification need a little explanation. Users of SAP who use the application for their daily work like raising purchase orders or making invoices can get the basic or associate certification that keep them confined to their work area with no opportunity of further advancement. A professional certification is necessary for those who want to become SAP consultant. The proficiency and knowledge of the participants in using the system is evaluated through the exams and for this level a lot of practical experience is necessary. The master level certification is the most tough to crack and requires in depth knowledge and experience of live SAP projects.

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