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SAP Workshop in Bangalore

You simply cannot start your career in SAP unless you are trained in the subject. This is specialized learning that has to be learnt from people who have hands on experience in using SAP. You can get enrolled with Itech Solutions, the reputed SAP training institute in Bangalore to give your career a head start. But what kind of training you should take will depend on your area of specialization.

SAP ERP has been developed for various business applications and covers the basic business processes like human resource, supply chain management and financial management. Under each category there are sub modules that take care of the activities and tasks that are to be performed to accomplish the goal of the business domain. So, your core area of work or your inclination for developing a career in any particular domain would determine what kind of training would be appropriate for you.

Choosing a training module

If materials management is your core area then you should be trained in SAP MM module that takes care of the entire function of materials management encompassing the purchase and stores functions as well as production planning. The entire process flow of these functions is captured by the MM module. For purchasing management there are sessions available for sending enquiries, comparing bids and ordering and on the stores part the GRNs receipt and issue are all captured. You can get enrolled for a SAP MM course in Bangalore and get trained in various aspects of the module that will help you understand the true potential of the software and make better use of it.

Similarly you can enroll for our SAP FI course, SAP SD course, SAP BI course, SAP Basis course or SAP ABAP course.

What you become

You can become a SAP consultant when you will be involved in mapping the business process pertaining to the function of materials management and configuring the processes in SAP. For clarity of purpose you should know that all tasks falling under supply chain management like planning based on consumption, procurement, invoice verification, vendor evaluation, production planning, and warehouse management including inventory management. You will be part of a team that works together with other teams on different aspects of the business process. You will have to be a perfect team man to accomplish tasks within set deadlines to keep things going. A minor delay on your part can affect the implementation of the project.

Transparent system

The transparency of the SAP software and its ability to make information and data flow uninterrupted across all stake holders of any particular function makes it the most powerful application software for business. Data entered in the system is immediately available for sharing among all concerned and can be used for further processing and generating reports. The high level of data integration is achieved by using the Relational Database Management system (RDBMS) for all modules. Free flowing real time data across the platform makes the process of decision making very easy and effective. This is one of the main reasons why SAP is the chosen software for business enterprises.

Affordable SAP training at Itech Solutions offers great career prospects and being trained in SAP basis courses in Bangalore can open the gateway for your career advancement.