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Managing business has been made easy with SAP ERP which provides a comprehensive platform for business data management that can streamline business processes and bring efficiencies into the systems. Business of all sizes, small, medium and big uses this widely popular software application program that facilitates organizations to meet their business objectives in a more focused manner. Best known for its enterprise resource planning and management features, SAP is becoming the undisputed choice for business organizations working towards growth and development. Different SAP modules have been developed to address the needs of different functional areas of work like human resources, financial management, sales and logistics with several sub modules under each domain.

SAP professionals

Implementation of SAP ERP is done by SAP professionals who are trained in various capacities like SAP database administrators, SAP Network specialists, SAP security consultants and many more. There are practicing management professionals who use the power of SAP in managing the business processes and can become trained in SAP CRM (customer relationship management), SD (Sales and distribution), SAP BI (business intelligence) and many more. For attaining maximum benefits, it is essential to acquire proper knowledge and training at Itech Solutions, the renowned SAP training institute in Bangalore.

SAP Sales and Distribution Module

All activities of the Sales and distribution function have been mapped in this module that helps in system configuration, managing master data, managing orders and sales transactions and a host of other activities. It is very convenient to manage material master and customer master data, sales orders, pricing, deliveries, billing and other processes. There are various sub modules to take care of the tasks that are built into the processes.

SAP CRM Module

For better management of customer needs and to sustain long term customer relationship, this module is very useful for business organizations. As organizations strive to improve their customer experience this module come handy in providing unique solutions. Driving customer loyalty and customer value across the entire organization the module helps to achieve high degree of customer satisfaction.

SAP HCM Module

This is the software that SAP offers for streamlining the Human Resource Management function. The software supports all activities and tasks undertaken by the HR department that covers the aspects of designation management, compensation packages, payment and promotions and many more. There are many sub modules like personnel administration and organizational management as well as payroll, time management and reporting.

SAP BI Module

What is known as SAP BI or business intelligence to the end user was earlier known as SAP Business Information Warehouse. Data from different sources are extracted and loaded to the data warehousing area after garnishing it with applicable rules. The analyzed data can be represented in the form of maps, graphs, grids etc.

Being trained in SAP at Itech Solutions, Bangalore will help you to unearth the massive potential of the software and use it to your advantage in improving business efficiencies that will put business in the fast track of growth. Better data management and improved work processes can be achieved by proper implementation of SAP that can be done only by sap consulting companies.

SAP FI Module

SAP FI module as the term suggests deals in managing financial transactions within enterprises. This financial accounting module helps employees to manage data involved in any financial and business transactions in a unified system. This module functions very well for reporting requirements.

The SAP FI module is very flexible and is functions well in any type of economic situation. Be it a smaller organization or a larger organization, SAP implementation helps in consolidating data for diverse business transactions and legal requirements. Financial Accounting module helps one to get real-time financial position of an enterprise in the market.

SAP MM Module

SAP Materials Management (MM) is an ERP solution that ensures organized and structured process associated with materials management. SAP MM certification is ideal for professionals who are responsible for materials.

SAP MM module as the term suggests manages materials required, processed and produced in enterprises. Different types of procurement processes are managed with this system. Some of the popular sub-components in SAP MM module are vendor master data, consumption based planning, purchasing, inventory management, invoice verification and so on.

SAP Basis

SAP BASIS is a business application software integrated solution. Simply, BASIS is the administration of the SAP system.

It's a piece of middleware which links the application with the database and the operating system. BASIS is most commonly associated with the GUI interface to the SAP, and the BASIS administrator is an SAP professional who is responsible for configuring the SAP environment, including the GUI screens and SAP application servers.