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    Managing business has been made easy with SAP ERP which provides a comprehensive platform for business data management that can streamline business processes and bring efficiencies into the systems.

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    Itech Solutions is prominent in development of mobile applications, especially in android and iOS as leading App platforms. We are the best providers of Mobile Applications Training in Bangalore with excellent detailed syllabus.

Itech’s eCommerce Portal

PORTAL is an integrated Content Management System for all your requirements. It provides an easy to use Admin interface and is completely web-based.

It comprises of all the Modules with most of the generic functionalities built-in. Settings and Parameters help to customize the software as per the requirements. Technology used is Java which makes it easy to maintain and customize. The Portal is scalable; new functionality can be easily added later with minimum rework.

The latest and best Technology has been incorporated so that the customer will not suffer during any stage of the project. Java, HTML & CSS are time tested and proven technologies which will be used so that the customer will not be locked into any specific platforms.
It can be implemented for all kinds of eCommerce requirements. The application is Web-based, hosted on a Cloud-based server where Data is hosted securely and 24X7 technical support is available.