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    Welcome to Itech Solutions, Best Web Development Company in Bangalore

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    Managing business has been made easy with SAP ERP which provides a comprehensive platform for business data management that can streamline business processes and bring efficiencies into the systems.

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    Itech Solutions is prominent in development of mobile applications, especially in android and iOS as leading App platforms. We are the best providers of Mobile Applications Training in Bangalore with excellent detailed syllabus.

Itech’s eLearning Portal

A learning portal is a gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate teaching and learning. Technically speaking, it’s a website that acts as a repository for teaching and learning materials. It’s a place where you store all your documents, podcasts, videos, presentations, and so on.

Itech’s E-Learning portal also include applications that facilitate communication: Discussion forums, messaging services, email, calendars, and so on. In its simplest form, a learning portal can be a shop-front where your learners can discover or be assigned content. In its complex form, a portal can be an ecosystem for managing all teaching and learning.

The focus of eLearning and training is more on providing continuous learning and development rather than a one-off training session or rapid knowledge transfer through an orientation program. Such an outlook is more long term and ensures steady growth of knowledge and skills in tune with the existing requirements.

Both Employees as well as students benefit from this learning and development program, since they can excel at their role and responsibilities through constant availability of learning resources. These knowledge resources have the potential to channelize their knowledge into workable ideas that can translate into business solutions.Itech’s E-Learning Portal is cost effective and will help you through your journey of learning new skill from the comfort of your home.