Green Loaf ERP Case Study


Green Loafis a food start-up, they focus on selling fast food that included Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas, French Fries & Cool Drinks. Green Loaf is being headed by Mr. Robin, He started the business on a franchise model which means Green Loaf brand would be used by other franchises to set up their own outlet. Green Loaf set will be the central kitchen where all the preparations for all the food items would be done. All the raw materials required were provided by the central kitchen. If there are any orders from any outlet, Green Loaf would receive the order and supply the ingredients & all the raw materials ordered.


Green Loaf would accept the orders from the outlet and would fulfil it accordingly. The problem here is that everything was being done manually and using mobile phones which was confusing & time consuming. Using phones had its own drawbacks which included outlets number being busy, confusion in orders etc.
Along with all these the major problem faced by Green Loaf was that in franchise model every outlet will pay some money upfront to sell the products under the brand. A percentage of upfront amount was deducted with every order or transaction the outlet had with Green Loaf. The problem arises when they had to keep track of every transaction and the balance remaining in the account. For example,if some outlet has paid Rs. 1 lakh as upfront. With each order the outlet gives to Green Loaf, Green Loaf will deduct some percentage from the account (1 Lakh) and when the upfront amount was about to exhaust, outlet supposed to top of the amount once again. Doing all these manually was hectic and time consuming. So, Green Loaf wanted to decrease the amount of manual work and make automation wherever possible.


Green loaf had their own vendors. Now the central kitchen has to supply materials to outlet.Both Outlets & Central Kitchen had to maintain the inventory.

Vendor will send the materials as to central kitchen as per the order. So, stocks for that respective material will increase and then when the same item is supplied to the outlets based on their orders the stock will reduce. Inventory was the most important requirement for them. We understood the requirement and we implemented a very detailed inventory management module. The first thing we did is Optimal value of inventory at the central kitchen as well as the outlets. For example, in Central Kitchen, I would have got things in bulk but I may not have the physical check of that inventory. I had to know when should the next order be placed keeping in mind the inventory I have. So, we had created a software that would keep track of the inventory, if stocks fall below a certain threshold quantity then it will throw up an alert. Even the outlets were also supposed to know what is the sale that happening on a day to day level,depending on that the reorder quantity would be decided by the software itself.

The Outlet manager could just go to one screen and all the materials would be ready for ordering. If he wants to do editing, he can do that otherwise he just has to click on the button and the order will have placed. All the orders will be displayed in central kitchen in one single dashboard with colour coding depending on the status of order. If the order is yet to be dispatched then it would be in red colour, if the order has dispatched and is on its way to outlet then it would be yellow and if it has reached the outlet then it would be shown in green colour.

Payroll was also implemented because of the staff, who had working at various outlets. They needed to be trained and they were working in different shifts. The staff could be accommodated in two different shifts. If somebody is not come the leave could be entered into the software. At the end of the month the incentive and salary calculation also we could do, we could also calculate leave without pay automatically a lot of time saved in payroll calculation.

Then there were lot of enquiry which were coming. So, those enquiries they had to enter into the sales module, thus we did a new enhancement for them in billing screen.Software had to accept orders which would be for the future. In addition to that there used to be information like delivery address, billing address etc.

This is about the modules that we have implemented, they did not wanted accounting since they are using tally and they are happy with that. Along with all these, a module for promotional offers and loyalty programs were created.